Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chewing Gum and Spanking

Today was a good day. I had a girl come in for chewing gum in class. When I told her to stirp to her panties to wash the implements for her spanking, I noticed she was not wearing regulation white cotton panties. Imagine my dismay.
“Laura,” I said in a stern voice. “Where are your white cotton panties?”
She looked scared and anxious. “I…I forgot them Ma’am.” She said.
“Well I suppose I may forget to stop spanking you!” I said. “Go ask the secretary for the big wooden hairbrush, I’m afraid you’ve earned yourself quite a bottom warming.” And off she went with a swat on the bottom.
When she returned, she held the large wooden hairbrush, non-sanded and stiff. She looked scared enough. While she was gone, I fished out child sized white cotton panties. I knew they wouldn’t fit her round spankable bottom. That was the fun of it.
“Put these on Laura.” I said, handing the tiny panties to her. She grimaced at them and removed her black panties. When she put them on, you could tell they were too tight. Her plump bottom cheeks stuck out and her waist was tightly held.
“Very good Laura. Over to the sink you naughty girl,” I said, swatting her in that direction. She leaned over the sink and began washing while I held the ping pong paddle.
She missed a few spots, and I spanked her many times for it. When I spanked her, she moved in trying to avoid the stinging swats.
“Laura, keep that bottom out please dear. How am I supposed to spank and punish it if I can’t get to it?” I asked, swatting her again. She moved once more, her bottom arching in. “Laura, what did I say, keep your bottom in. Don’t make me bare you.”
She stopped moving after that, her bottom sticking out far and her panties far too tight. By the time she finished washing the implements, her bottom was already pink.
“Go sit on the wooden chair please, and you can remain in those panties,” I said not giving her the chance to free her tight cheeks from the tight panties.
“Better yet,” I said reaching over and standing her up. “Let me pull these up for you so they don’t cover those sore cheeks.” I said, giving her a permanent wedgie and pulling them up her cheeks. I could tell she was uncomfortable because she kept wriggling around.
“Stop that wriggling naughty girl,” I said holding my hand up to swat her.
I looked at the implements, and swung them in the air, making her gasp at the strength I was going to spank her with.
Finally, an hour passed, and it was time for that bottom to be over my lap. She was happy to get her panties pulled back over her cheeks and not in them.
I started out fast, and spanked her very hard with the small wooden paddle. She was good and red on her bottom by then. She wriggled around a lot, but I still got a lot of spanks in, probably around fifty. Then I began with the leather paddle. After that, her bottom was darker red. It looked quite sore. Then I started with the hairbrush, spanking the tender flesh and concentrating on the sit spots. Her bottom was good and sore when I was finished.
“Now Laura,” I said hearing her sniffle. “You have earned this extra spanking, because you did not follow the rules. I shall spank your bottom until I find it suitable to you not following the regulations. You were supposed to wear white cotton panties, but you decided not to.” And I began spanking. By the time I was done, her bottom was dark red and looked really sore.
“Now, go back to class naughty girl.” I said. She reached for her black panties to put on.
“No Laura, please wear the panties you received from me.” I knew they would hurt her bottom in class, because they were so tight. She pouted and left.

It was a fun one,
Headmistress Chantel

Welcome to The Girl's Boarding School of Spanking

Welcome to The Girls Boarding School of spanking!
Allow me to give you a grand tour!

Lobby – Contains an office, of which has a secretary. When you have an appointment, whether to be spanked or talked to, you go there first. The office is decorated with pictures of former pupils, and contains some prized implements used in the 50s at the school.

Gym - You continue walking past the Lobby, and there is two hallways to choose from. One hallway leads to the gym, and the other leads you to the classrooms. If you go right, you will find the gym, which as a student all attend the class. The gym is a good place to get physical activity, not to mention spankings! Run fast enough or feel the leather paddle as you run!

The Classrooms – This is where much of study of spanking occurs. Students are often stripped naked or kept with only panties on and spanked in front of the class. Suffer the embarrassment as your fellow pupils giggle, as your bottom turns deep red to match your face!

Nurse’s Office – This room is located on the right corridor if you keep walking. This is where annual shots, enemas, and spankings also occur. The nurse gives enemas every month to keep the student’s naughty little bottoms clean.

My office – Where naughty students are spanked. Come over my knee and receive paddling, canings, and hair brushings on your bottoms. I’m a good, tough, and hard spanker. Have your bottom ache for days. Don’t be naughty or I’ll see you there!!

Dorm – Every student attending the school gets assigned a dorm. Depending on your dorm, there are harsher House Counselors. Every student is watched carefully, and spanked often. There are 11 dorm houses, of which 10 are vacant.

Price Ranges:
1 week – Dorm stay and School ---- $1000
2 week – Dorm stay and School ---- $2000
3 week – Dorm stay and School ---- $3000
1 Month – Dorm stay and School ---$4000

Hope to see you there!

My experiences and stories of punishment.

Hello. I am Headmistress Chantel. I am a hard spanker, ranging from spanking 10 year olds to 45 year olds. I am a young person, only 35. I enjoy seeing aching behinds and spanking painfully. I am not an easy spanker either. If I am spanking you, crying or screaming or pleading will get you nowhere.
I am often spanking those whom misbehave at school. They are called to my office one-day prior and I discuss their wrongdoing. I explain they were very naughty and deserve a good punishment. Then I tell them they will be called to my office the next day to receive what they rightfully deserve, a spanking.
The next day, I call them in. They come in two hours prior to punishment and I tell them to sit on the couch and wait, usually only for fifteen minutes. I then appear with the implements I am about to punish with. (Usually five or six: a hairbrush, a small leather paddle, small wooden paddle, large leather paddle and large wooden paddle.) I inform them that they will be washing the implements. I make them strip down to just their regulation white cotton panties. I take them over to the sink in my office, and tell them to wash the implements carefully. I inspect them as they wash, using a ping-pong paddle and spanking them when they do something wrong. (Concentrating on sit spots or where their bottom touches the chair they sit in)
After an hour goes by, usually the student has a sore bottom. I tell them they can sit down on the wooden chair but must remove their white cotton panties (used to hurt their sit spots and give me pleasure). I inspect the implements while they sit, and fake smack them in the air to show how hard I will be spanking them.
Finally, after anxiously waiting, the student is told the spanking will begin. I take them over to the couch in my office, and sit down. I lay them over my knee, their legs dangling behind them. I touch their bare flesh and finally raise the leather paddle. I lift the paddle over my head and swat as hard as I can all around their bottom and the backs of their legs. Usually this goes on for a half hour to forty-five minutes.
Then I get the oil and smear it and rub it around their bottom. I soon start using the small wooden paddle and spank them in the same spots for only about fifteen minutes. Soon their bottom is bright red and aching.
Then I us the large leather paddle, followed by the large wooden paddle. They are usually wriggling and crying by then.
And finally, I spank with the hairbrush. Their bottom is usually dark red, aching and sore looking by now. I save this implement for last because it’s the hardest and the most painful and fun to spank with.
Finally their spanking is over, and I let them go. They are dressed in their punishment uniform and sent to class to sit in a wooden desk for the rest of the day and be reminded of the ache in their bottom.

For now,
Headmistress Chantel